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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Barack Obama Groks the Internet
There have, I believe, been many gifted orators in the history of the United States. Unfortunately, in this current time there is a drought. President Bush, bless his soul, doesn't even qualify as an orator. He's good at poking fun at people in a casual sense but when it comes time to speak and to inspire, you may as well enlist Gumby.

But there is a voice in this wilderness and it belongs to Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois.

Lucky for us, the guy understands Internet potential. In the fall of 2005, Senator Obama started podcasting. Frequency of the podcasts vary but generally, you can expect two a month.

The man can talk good. He is intelligent. He is entertaining. He is Democrat and liberal too. He will be a presidential candidate before 2020. I would vote for him in 2008.

Check out his Town Talk at Loyola University on April 20. He gives his opinion on a number of issues including the War in Iraq, immigration, energy policy, and student loans.

To subscribe to his podcasts, use this link or browse the site here. tags:


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