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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Freedbacking Bloglines
Chris Pirillo led the 'Users in Charge' (mp3 here) group June 23 at Bloggercon and then added a blog post about providing developers with 'freeback' by tagging your blog posts with 'freedbacking'. Bloglines, my main aggregator/blog reader thingie, picked up on it and said 'We will listen' if you include the terms 'freedbacking' and 'bloglines' in a post. It's nice that Bloglines will seek out freedback even if it's not tagged as some bloggers don't tag yet or are at tag dumb blogging tools like (where you can hack for the tags but it's a geeky solution).

Forthwith my freedback, Bloglines. I love ya, man. I tried the Google RSS reader and I liked some things - like how it kind of gave me a randomized feed of posts from aggregated from all my feeds - but it was slow and they kept changing things and it was difficult to organize.

But Bloglines, old friend, we need some tagging here. I'd like to be able to aggregate under a tag of my choosing.

Let's see. It would also be nice to have alternate views of my subscriptions. I use folders a lot but how about a list in alpha order or options to view in other orders like least read. That would be nice. Searching through my subscriptions would also be nice.


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