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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
In the beginning was this blog and it was created for my first graduate class ("Teaching Via the Internet"). Finished the class last Spring.

I have begun another class: "Introduction to Instructional Systems and Technology." I have decided to resurrect this blog and discuss some educational issues.

Of course, this may be a dream that will fade away and the next post will be in January of 2005. Time will tell.

I have to pick a topic for an issue paper for the class and I think I want to write about blogging. There are articles available for supportive research.

My other possible topic idea is using open source software in the schools. I have this plan that could provide considerable cost savings to public schools. Set them all up with Linux (free), Apache (free), and something like Moveable Type for blogs. If a lot of schools did this, they could create their own support group. In fact, they could package installs targeted for the school market and work on this as part of the open source community. I would like to do this paper with some budget background from a school district. I would at least need some ideas about what they are doing now.

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