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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
The job gets done
I'm sitting at the table with Mary drinking wine and eating oysters. I wanted to get one of my infrequent blog posts up as we — meaning the US — are sending Barack Obama to the White House. I am so proud of this country tonight. I am so joyous over this choice. is calling 284 electoral votes "safe" for Barack Obama. CNN gives him 207. No matter. I'll call it here at the pfhyper mansion.

I think we just elected our first African-American to the oval office.

President-elect Obama: Congratulations! I trust that you will govern with honor and integrity. Vice President-elect Biden: I'm glad you've got his back and I trust that your experience will help the US gain back the respect it has lost over the last eight years.

I can hardly believe this. Feels like the long winter is over and we can all celebrate in the Spring sunshine.

Not to say there aren't going to be some tough times with a shaky economy but I trust in this leadership.


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