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Sunday, February 25, 2007
Minneapolis Snow Notes
The biggest snowstorm for this century in Minneapolis started late Friday evening and is continuing on through Sunday. I will estimate over 12 inches so far.

We had to get out early so Mary could teach a class at the YWCA. The alley was plowed; the street was not plowed. This didn't make any sense as I would think it would be better for cars to get stuck in the alley rather than in the street. But we made it with our little Chevy Prizm. I've loads of experience driving in weather like this.

Then the shoveling. The snow was fairly light so it wasn't too much work.

I would love to see a snow day tomorrow but it's unlikely. I work at the University of Minnesota and they rarely close for snow.

Click the image below to see some pictures at Flickr.

Photograph. Minneapolis Storm 2007: Looking south

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