Photo of worker adjusting a wireless access point.

Worker adjusting the wireless access point outside my window.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Internet Device Lust
I can't tell you how much I would like to buy either Sony's new Mylo ('My Life Online) or a Nokia 770. Mylo's got a little QWERTY keyboard and it's smaller plus it has a Skype client so you can make phone calls over the Internet. The Nokia has better screen resolution plus Bluetooth. Bluetooth lets you connect to the Internet via your cell phone but I don't have a cell phone that does that. They both have Linux under the hood.

I'm late getting on this Mylo bandwagon. August 8 was blog posting date and I suppose the Mylo premier. Techmeme's got good coverage from various angles.

Price of either of the devices is around $300. Too much for me to justify. Maybe after we've got the wireless mesh over our heads in Minneapolis... it would make more sense then. tags:


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