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Worker adjusting the wireless access point outside my window.

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Monday, November 13, 2006
Wireless in Minneapolis Update
Nov. 2. The City of Minneapolis signs the contract with USI Wireless at Fire Station #7, down the block from where I live. Star Tribune covers it here.

Nov. 13. Downtown Journal has an update on the wireless situation. I got quoted.

Digital Inclusion. The Digital Inclusion Task Force is recommending the creation of an Interim Advisory Board that will "establish a process for selecting members of the Digital Community Advisory Board which may be drawn from members of the Interim Advisory Board and/or the community at large."

The Task Force has also chosen the Minneapolis Foundation as the fund management partner for the Digital Inclusion Fund which will be created with deposits from USI Wireless as outlined in the Community Benefits Agreement which is part of the City's contract with USI.

All this to be presented to the Ways & Means Committee today (item 22).

Read the full report here.


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