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Wednesday, October 07, 2009
Update on Seward Co-op Annual Meeting
It was a tight election race for the Seward board of directors on Tuesday evening. Alas, I was short by some number of votes and won't be at the table in the next year. Thanks to all who voted for me. There's always next year.

Incumbents ruled with current board chair David Hoffman-Dachelet and Miriam Holsinger getting reelected. The third spot went to Seward employee Allison Meyer. (Allison served as the employee director this past year but ran at-large this year.) Greg Gustafson is the new employee director. Check the announcement here.

Some notes on the Co-op's health... 
  • We have grown from 4,700 members to 6,300 members since January and continue to grow at the rate of 100 members per month
  • We have 50% growth in sales since January with 34.8% of our sales from local food
  • We created 55 new jobs for a total of 175 employees
The food at the meeting was excellent as usual including wonderful dessert treats at the table and a personal chocolate bar from Equal Exchange Chocolates. Adam Wozniak's band provided some great jazz music as we dined. (Find Adam on Facebook and MySpace.)

So become a member of the Co-op and you can join us for dinner next year (and vote for me!). It's a one-time $75 payment.

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