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Worker adjusting the wireless access point outside my window.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Minneapolis Muni Wi-Fi News
According to this article by Katharine Grayson at American Business Daily, US Internet, chosen vendor for the Minneapolis Wi-Fi system, is "angling to enter the municipal wireless market in 17 cities." They are partnering with Atlanta-based Charys Holding Co., Inc. They have landed a deal in Atlanta (no details) and they are working on a pilot project in Boston. (More on the Boston Project here.)

via MuniWireless.

I have reported previously how US Internet has begun selling Wi-Fi accounts in the one-square-mile pilot project area at reduced rates. surveys three early buyers about their experiences and so far, US Internet is two for three.

Supposedly there are 250 active accounts out there so you'd think the StarTribune could find a few more folks to query. I can help them out a bit. Roy bought in as soon as he got the offer and so far, I don't think he's been able to get a signal in his home, even with the Ruckus gateway. My own experience, on the other hand, has been very positive. I'm getting a strong signal without a Ruckus.

Final score: US Internet goes three for five.


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