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Sunday, October 25, 2009
Followup to the kitty video posting: What happens with video at Posterous?
Here is what happened when I emailed out my last Posterous kitty post with an attached .m4v video.

It took forever for Posterous to process the video. It took so long—from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.—that I started thinking it just didn't support m4v format. But Posterous handles the situation well and doesn't send out status or blog updates until the processing is done. For anyone that found the video (and "still processing" message) at my Posterous account, it did allow viewing.

Results from my Connected Services

YouTube and Flickr: Posterous processed the video and sent it along, adding it to my accounts. 

Tumblr and my PF Hyper Blog: No embedded player. Provides link to download or to view on Posterous. Includes text of my Posterous blog post. I went back to both Tumblr and my blog and added the Youtube embed code.

Facebook: Status update with the embedded video. Includes start of the Posterous blog post and a link back to Posterous to finish reading the post. 

When I checked the video in Flickr, I found that a group of tags had been added: cleaning, stretching, cats, cat, licking, cleansing, and lick. I hadn't tagged anything myself and some of the tags were not from my blog post. Checking my Flickr Recent Activity, I found the footprints of that infamous cat and pizza lover, s4xton. Thanks Aaron. 

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