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Sunday, July 09, 2006
Speak Softly Or Be Overheard

A new and local blog called Overheard in Minneapolis.

How many times have you sat down with friends at the end of your day and said, "You won't believe what I heard in the elevator/grocery store/bank/etc today...?" Those jewels need a place to come together and brighten our lives.

So far, I'm not convinced of the value of our local overheard jewels. (I do like this one.) The site is based on one in NY called (can you guess?) Overheard in New York. (From that site, you can link to Overheard at the Beach and Overheard at the Office but no link to our local Overheard. I wonder if there will be any trademark issues?)

No names named as to who is responsible for the site. There is a contact email.

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